Unlock Seamless Deployment with Docker Apps Manager

Dive into the future of application deployment with CyberPanel’s Docker Apps Manager. Effortlessly launch and manage tailored WordPress, n8n applications within secure, isolated containers.

Tailored Deployments, Unparalleled Control, Full Speed

CyberPanel’s Docker Apps Manager redefines the deployment landscape. Craft your ideal environment effortlessly by deploying WordPress and n8n applications within Docker containers. Specify CPU and RAM usage for each app, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation. Embrace a secure, isolated ecosystem where applications operate independently, guaranteeing enhanced security and blazing-fast functionality.

Key Features

Supported Apps

You can Deploy the Following apps using our Docker Apps Manager (more to come..)

WordPress in Docker

Effortlessly deploy WordPress within Docker containers through CyberPanel's intuitive interface. Customize resource allocation to match your website's traffic demands. Experience enhanced security and flexibility without compromising on speed or performance.

n8n in Docker

Seamlessly launch n8n applications within isolated Docker containers. Tailor CPU and RAM usage to streamline workflow automation and ensure consistent, reliable performance. Enjoy a hassle-free deployment process backed by CyberPanel's secure infrastructure.

Normal Apps vs Docker Apps


Normal Apps

Docker Apps

Benefits of Docker Apps