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WordPress for Education Nonprofits

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WordPress is probably one of the most popular platforms for nonprofits. It has many tools they can use to create robust, professional-looking websites. This can help them to achieve their fundraising goals and find new supporters. The role of nonprofits in society is extremely important. WordPress gives them a way to design websites that look aesthetically pleasing and serve their purposes well.


What is a nonprofit?

A nonprofit does not make money for shareholders. It invests revenue into raising awareness or supporting a social cause. A nonprofit can be anything from a small community group to an international organization. Many nonprofits focus on ‘human services’ that include housing, employment, legal support, etc. Others focus on health or education.

What are education nonprofits?

Education is a human right and yet many young Americans today don’t have access to a good education or to one at all. Nonprofit organizations are trying to bridge the gap with their initiatives. For example, they may help low-income students with scholarship applications. They may give students access to free online classes and lessons. In this way, they are helping to eliminate educational disparities.

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Benefits of using WordPress

It’s free to use: If nonprofits create websites using WordPress, they can do so at a minimal cost. WordPress is free to use. All they need to pay for is a hosting plan and a domain name. WordPress has many free plugins they can install to add extra functionality to a site. They can also access many free themes and use one that suits their purposes best. If they have the budget, there are premium plugins and themes they can also use.

It’s open source: WordPress is open source which means that the code is free for public use. Anyone can download it, copy it and modify it. WordPress is unlikely to go anywhere and no one is likely to take away the code underlying the site in the future.  

It has a dedicated community: WordPress has a dedicated community and many WordPress developers are prepared to do voluntary work on websites for nonprofits. 

It’s more than just a blogging platform: WordPress may have started off as a blogging platform but it is certainly not restricted to blogging. It is very customizable and flexible.

Some free WordPress themes for education nonprofits

Education nonprofits need to look for various features when choosing a theme. Fundraising through the website will only be possible if the theme is integrated with online payment gateways such as PayPal. An SEO-friendly theme is essential to get more visibility in search engines. Customization options are important so nonprofits can make websites that suit their purposes. 

Kadence is a theme that comes with all the features necessary to enhance a nonprofit’s credibility. It has multiple spaces to place ads, compelling images, content, and a donation campaign. Customization options are available for the site’s social icons, drop-down menus, colors, fonts, etc.

Astra is a theme that helps a nonprofit to build a website that delivers a message clearly. There are multiple sidebar options for adding widgets and a global color palette feature. Template designs for an education site are available. SEO features and payment options are integrated.  

OceanWP is a multipurpose theme that comes with demo sites to build an online presence for educational purposes. The page load time is fast and the responsive layout design looks good on all screen sizes. It is also e-commerce ready and has multiple layout options.  

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Free plugins for education nonprofits

Some of the essential free plugins nonprofits will need to use on their WordPress sites include those for security, SEO, backup, and performance purposes. Using too many plugins can slow a site down so they need to carefully select which ones are most important to them. There are so many free plugins available but installing them indiscriminately is unadvisable. Some plugins are particularly suited to nonprofits. For example, a CRM plugin could be helpful for managing relationships with donors, supporters, and members.


Education nonprofits can make attractive and highly functional websites today by using the WordPress platform. At very little cost they can benefit from many different ways to customize their websites. There is a wide range of themes well suited for charity purposes. They can also install all the functionality they need with the plugins they choose to install.  

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