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What Is Cloud Migration Assessment?

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If you are thinking of moving to the cloud, then a crucial first step involves a meticulous migration assessment. Essentially, this includes a thorough examination of your company’s resources and its existing IT environment. In this article, let’s explore the aspects of why and how you should conduct a Cloud Migration Assessment before transitioning to the cloud.

Understanding Cloud Migration Assessment

Cloud Migration Assessment is a systematic evaluation process that gauges the cloud readiness of an application or workload. This involves identifying cloud-specific features, services, and enabled services, with the primary goal of facilitating seamless cloud adoption as a fundamental part of digital transformation. The assessment includes a detailed analysis of the app’s performance, architecture, security, cost, scalability, and the selection of a cloud service provider.

The Stages of Cloud Migration Assessment

Analyze Your Back-End Architecture

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The initial step in the assessment involves familiarizing yourself with the current environment. Engineers and developers need to analyze the existing back-end infrastructure and data landscape.

Conducting a risk assessment helps understand how the planned migration will impact ongoing operations, ensuring the maintenance of administrative controls and service level agreements.

Decide What to Migrate

Understanding the underlying app infrastructure enables informed decisions about what components to migrate to the cloud. Factors such as the app’s value to the business, dependencies, licensing, and scalability play a crucial role in prioritizing migration. Establishing a catalog matrix for each application helps in determining performance requirements and failover mechanisms.

Assemble a Team

Before finalizing the assessment, assemble a proficient team to handle migration, testing, and monitoring. Adopting a DevOps strategy ensures collaboration and alignment among team members. Seeking assistance from technology partners and service professionals can enhance the success of the migration process.

Make a Budget

After deciding what to migrate, creating a budget becomes important. Covering expenses related to infrastructure and personnel is essential for a smooth migration. If hiring a dedicated team, expanding the budget to accommodate new hires is highly reconverted. Comparing the cost of maintaining the current environment with migration costs also provides a comprehensive financial perspective.

Benefits of Cloud Migration Assessment

Cost Reduction

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Contrary to the misconception of added costs, a thorough assessment saves time and eliminates unnecessary expenses. Clear migration goals and infrastructure insights enable the selection of a cloud service provider aligned with financial constraints, reducing operational costs.

Better Management of Apps

The assessment offers a comprehensive overview of the app’s infrastructure, aiding in creating a detailed inventory. The assessment provides details on dependencies, network protocols, and security requirements which streamlines the entire migration process.

Provides a Better Understanding

Engineering, development, and QA teams gain insights into the infrastructure during the assessment. This knowledge assists in optimal refactoring without disrupting ongoing processes. Teams can also benefit from evaluating migration scenarios, and enhancing expertise and certification for app infrastructure migration.

Increased Security

A deeper understanding of the app’s inventory enables a security-centric migration plan. Recognizing component dependencies facilitates secure migrations without exposing the entire infrastructure.


In the era of cloud-centric operations, a well-executed Cloud Migration Assessment emerges as a strategic tool for businesses looking to unlock the full potential of cloud technologies. Through a comprehensive evaluation of migration, businesses can pave the way for a seamless and enhanced transition to the cloud.

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