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The Importance of SEO Hosting for Website Performance in 2024

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There are billions of websites online. That’s not a surprise for anyone. But you know what’s crazy? Almost all of them (over 96%, to be precise) get no traffic from Google. Why is that? Well, it isn’t easy to point out one single reason, but troubles SEO is definitely one of the major issues. While search engine optimization is vast, and one blog post can’t help you fix it all, choosing proper SEO hosting is a good place to start. All in all, it is what impacts user experience and also regulates how search engines ‘see’ your website.

If you are in SEO for long enough, you know that it is easier said than done. At first glance, the choice seems straightforward, even obvious. But it isn’t. Still, if you know what to look for, you’re already halfway through the walk. Alright, no more superficial introduction, let’s get to the meat – why hosting in SEO is essential, and how to choose the best one for you?

Why Is SEO Hosting Crucial for Website Performance?

That is one of the questions you must be thinking of. There are several benefits to SEO hosting that make it essential for websites. This is especially relevant to those that operate in a deeply saturated digital niche. It lays the foundation for your search engine rankings. You can expect to see a noticeable difference in the speed or performance of your website. Why is this important? It affects everything from brand perceptions to conversation rates and even brand loyalty. 52% of online customers report that page load time does impact brand loyalty. It also determines how effective your data management is. But that’s not all.

A site that incorporates the best SEO hosting strategies is invariably one that is also secure. Do you agree? And since web security is a big concern for the public, your clients will feel much more confident about visiting and interacting with your web pages. Also, in addition to quality content and security, Google search engine algorithms also look at how many links (preferably from guest blogging sites with high DR) you have before determining your search rankings. Get this right, and your business will grow over time.

Hosting in SEO: Factors to Consider

The best web server for you is like a life partner: it always gets your back, especially when paired with Open AI plugins and other useful tools to take your content strategy to new heights. So, with your web hosting in SEO, you must also weigh several factors that can determine your web visibility, essentially how easy it is for people to find your website. These include:

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#1 Uptime/ Downtime

We know downtimes are inevitable now and then, but what comes to your mind when a website suddenly becomes inaccessible for hours because of downtime? Maybe it’s a cyber attack, a sudden surge in traffic, or something else, but hardly anything that inspires confidence. Customers’ trust takes a hit. If you are a web developer whose website goes down frequently, this will severely affect people’s opinion of your credibility or skills. Sad, isn’t it?

Then, there is the fact that six hours of downtime can lead to a 30% drop in search rankings, which can lead to a massive loss of potential revenue. Basically, what happens is that your potential clients move on to your competitors. But don’t think this is a one-off thing either because chances are that if they enjoyed a smooth transaction to the other websites, they are likely to go there next time. What’s worse, their last impression of your site was not favorable. So, downtimes can impact how often your site gets crawled, which eventually leads to lower search rankings.

#2 Server Location

Do you think the only factor you have to worry about is the uptime? Nope. The location of the server you choose can also leave its mark. Why? Every region has its own regulations that affect how data is stored and managed. You will want to check that your preferred hosting provider has their servers in places with friendly and at least Google-compliant regulations. You want to avoid situations that can lead to a forced shutdown.

Remember that a server close to your target audience will have a little more impact on your SEO ranking than one that’s further away. For example, if your website gets more traffic from California, your site will end up ranking higher there than in other states. So, understanding how server location impacts hosting in SEO can help you make the right choice. If unsure, you can check out the best WordPress server or any other platform to guide your decision.

#3 Types of Hosting

If you want to see a positive SEO hosting impact on your website performance, you need to weigh the different options available. Check the features and see which option offers the best advantage for dominating the search rankings. For example, you can choose any of these:

  • Cloud hosting. This option offers you the least risks of downtime as you get a network of several virtual servers hosting your website.
  • Dedicated hosting. You get greater control over the server since you have it all to yourself.
  • Shared hosting. This is an affordable option for many who can’t afford the two options above. You get to share one server with several websites, but this can lead to slow speed and other unexpected downtimes.
  • Free hosting. There are tons of free hosting solutions that let you host a limited number of web pages without spending any money.

#4 Speed

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70% of your consumers will make their purchase decisions based on how fast your page speed is. But don’t think that this only affects people who are increasingly becoming impatient and want everything to be faster. Most pages that appear on the top of Google search results take less than 3 seconds to load. So, clearly a slow page speed does impact your SEO position.

The good news is that there are tons of good tips you can use to improve your speed. They range from choosing the best SEO-friendly web hosting option that has a server located close to your target audience to minifying web code, compressing your media files, etc.

#5 Security

Simply being online can expose you to the risk of malware, hacking, and other cyber threats. In 2022 alone, there was a 41% increase in the number of online security breaches. Most consumers are well aware of that. So, they’re becoming more cautious of the websites they choose to visit and the data those sites have access to. At least, people talk and think more about their security online.

That’s why using SSL certificates, respecting data protection policies, and taking other security measures won’t only boost your search rankings but also make your website visitors feel safer. This is an added advantage everyone enjoys. For that same reason, authoritative SEO providers take proactive steps to limit the risks involved, including installing scanning tools.

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#6 Support

Let’s admit it: you’ll need assistance sometimes to sort out a web hosting issue. For example, you might want to discover the reasons why your website is suddenly down and how to get it back up again ASAP. Sometimes, it might just be that you want someone to walk you through a backup or restore process. What’s the way out?

Depending on your choice of an SEO hosting provider, this might be a quick and painless process, or you’ll get a great lesson on the importance of technical support. So, you’d better do a bit of analysis before making the commitment to any of the offers out there.

How to Choose the Best SEO-Friendly Web Hosting

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When searching for SEO-friendly web hosting, you are likely going to come across many good prospects. How can you decide on the best variant? Before you make your choice, be sure to check the following:

  • Reputation and rating of the company. This is important as it is easy for everyone to claim they are the best. You will likely have a much better idea of what the service is like if you check out what other people are saying. Focus on ratings of the quality of service and criticisms so you can see how the company responds to complaints.
  • Experience with clients like you. Ok, you may be forced to narrow down your search for web hosting services that have years of experience with clients like you. This means that they will be able to offer specialized services that will benefit your niche.
  • Security. An SEO-friendly web hosting will not take security lightly. Check to be sure that the server is secure and offers strong protection against cyber attacks. They should also be able to respond quickly to any breaches.
  • Comprehensive guide. Now, how well does the company let people set up and get running or troubleshoot issues? They should have a blog, a site, documentation, or anything that helps users with common issues.
  • Community. While this point is not as crucial as the rest, you may find that an active community online that helps answer questions is a bonus. Even being able to get tips on something as simple as how to resolve a PHP error could be a timesaver.


The truth is that it takes a lot of careful research and probably a good budget plan to find reliable SEO hosting. You should keep in mind that the wrong choice can wreck your web performance and even lead to loss of income. But if you take your time to choose the perfect option for your case, it will be the first step to your online growth and prosperity.

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