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How to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress?

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Creating a real estate website with WordPress isn’t just a matter of throwing some pictures together, it requires applying the latest know-how in this segment. Some features are quite easy to implement with free and paid plugins, which are abundant in WordPress. But you can’t do without them alone; for the implementation of key technologies, you will need to hire professional developers. With Jatapp.co or one of many real estate software development companies, you can make your website stand out from the competition. Here we will look at the key stages of website development, as well as those features that would be very desirable to implement.

Real Estate Website

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Key Features Of a Real Estate Website

A real estate website is the ideal solution for real estate firms looking to get their listings and information out there to attract potential customers. A website isn’t just about having an online presence – it’s about providing a comprehensive, user-friendly experience from start to finish.

Key features for any real estate website:

  • Detailed information. You need to demand a lot of information about the object from the one who sells it. With a lack of information, it will be difficult to sell or rent an object.
  • Photo. The more of them, the better. It is on them that users rely on in the first place.
  • Contact details. It is advisable to indicate phone numbers, mail addresses, instant messengers, etc.
  • Online meetings. Thanks to them, realtors will be able to show properties and negotiate deals online. Convenient planning is also highly desirable.
  • Maps. They will allow website visitors to better understand the location of the property and draw some conclusions on this basis.
  • Filters. It is necessary to provide the ability to sort properties by as many criteria as possible. Someone is interested in the price, others – in the area, the third – floor, and there can be many such special preferences. The more precisely the user can customize his search, the faster he will find suitable objects.

Steps to Create a Real Estate Website

We are talking about a process that consists of a number of steps. Just like real estate app development, you need to go through at least 4 basic steps to bring your website to a finished look. And even after that, the development of the project does not end.

Step 1: Choosing a Theme

The very first step is to choose a theme on the basis of which the website will be built. For the real estate industry, WordPress already has a lot of ready-made themes.

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Here are just a few of them:

  • Real Homes. When it comes to real estate software solutions, Real Homes stands out for its in-built listing system and powerful search feature. Furthermore, custom galleries are also available to allow one to highlight their properties in a visually stunning and efficient way.
  • WP Real Estate (free). It strikes a great balance between simplicity, style, and performance; not to mention you’re given a recommended plugin to add even more features that might otherwise be missing in free themes. On top of that, this theme comes packed with standard website features like customizable headers and backgrounds, as well as the key feature of featured posts sections to easily highlight important listings.
  • Neptune Real Estate (free). It is an excellent choice for those seeking a simple yet high-performing WordPress real estate theme. Its main focus is on presenting design elements and functionalities that are tailored to suit the needs of small real estate sites that operate in a specified region. Aside from programming dedicated visuals and features, Neptune also caters to its customers by providing regular updates and active forum support on wordpress.org for the speedy resolution of technical issues. 
  • Houzez. It is an excellent premium real estate theme option. This theme is incredibly flexible for design and development professionals and provides users with a friendly platform to show off their creativity, something which is reflected in its quality of work. 

Step 2: Installing Plugins

Thanks to plugins, you can quickly and without working with code add functionality to the site. The main features are already developed and available in the WordPress store, which is more than enough for most websites.

Topic examples:

  • Real estate pro. This is a premium plugin that has a lot of what a good real estate website should have. Among other things: comment form, contact system, fast integration of PayPal, Stripe, and other APIs.
  • WPL Real Estate (Free). It is a flexible plugin with many features, active support, and a large knowledge base. Here you can quickly add cards, and convenient lists, switch between different types of layouts, the “Share” button on social networks.

Step 3: UX/UI Design

Creating a great UX/UI design for a real estate website can be an incredibly rewarding process, but it involves a certain level of finesse. To ensure success, it is important to consider elements like the target demographic, what kind of content should be included on the site, and how easy it should be for people to navigate. Additionally, developing a comprehensive wireframe that covers the navigational structure, page layout and style should be among the first steps in the process. All the details like page flow and visual elements need to be thought through before any coding happens so that users have a smooth, enjoyable experience when engaging with content on the site.

source: elegantthemes.com

Step 4: Implementation of Additional Functions

Now we need to implement all the features that the website should have according to the plan, but they cannot be found through public plugins. This will require the help of an experienced developer or team. Read here for more details on the services that real estate websites and app development companies provide. The more useful features there are, the better for the user. But you always need to know the measure, unnecessary functions can only slow down the site and confuse the user. At the same time, it is necessary to provide the user with all the information that may be useful when choosing an object by the buyer.

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Creating a real estate website involves much more than just picking a theme and plugging in content. It requires careful consideration of everything from design to user experience, as well as the implementation of additional features and functions to create an engaging yet professional website. By taking the time to develop each aspect of the project, it will be possible to build a complete online presence that is sure to impress potential customers and generate leads for your business.

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