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Install Mautic AWS and Send Mass Emails

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Install Mautic AWS – Mautic enables you to run a steady email marketing campaign for your business or product. One message can be sent to as many contacts as you want.

In the last several years, social media has surged in popularity. Email marketing, on the other hand, has been popular for a long time. The success of your marketing campaign and newsletter can be greatly influenced by selecting the right email marketing solution.

What is AWS SES?

SES (Amazon Simple Email Service) is a low-cost, flexible, and scalable email service that allows developers to send email from any application. Amazon SES can be swiftly configured to handle a variety of email use cases, including transactional, marketing, and bulk email communications. The customizable IP configuration and email authentication options available through Amazon SES assist to improve deliver-ability and safeguard sender reputation, while sending analytics track the impact of each email. You can send email securely, globally, and at scale with Amazon SES.

Advantages of AWS SES

Advantages of AWS SES are listed below:

  • Quickly integrate
  • Make your deliver ability the best it can be
  • Messages should be sent quickly
  • Scale your business safely

Quickly integrate.

You may configure email sending in minutes using the Amazon SES dashboard, APIs, or SMTP. Email reception is also supported by Amazon SES, allowing you to engage with your customers at scale. With Amazon SES, you just pay for what you use, regardless of use case or transmission volume.

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Make your deliver ability the best it can be.

To improve your deliver-ability, use the reputation dashboard, which contains account performance statistics and anti-spam feedback. You can choose from a variety of deployment choices, including shared, dedicated, and customer-owned IPs, to influence your sending reputation. Amazon SES works with industry experts like M3AAWG to optimize delivery to your consumers by implementing industry best practices.

Messages should be sent quickly.

Email sending statistics, such as email delivery, bounces, and feedback loop results, assist you in determining the efficacy of each email outreach. Email open and click-through rates, for example, measure how engaged your customers are with your email communications.

Scale your business safely.

Email sending from any application is secure thanks to virtual private cloud (VPC) capability. HIPAA eligibility, in-region compliance (C5, IRAP), and global certifications are all available with Amazon SES (Fed-Ramp, ISO, GDPR).

What is Mautic?

Mautic is an open-source marketing automation platform that may be used for content management, social media marketing, and email marketing. The nicest feature about the software is that it can also be integrated with third-party applications.

Mautic sends emails using the way you provide. To use the services, you’ll need to add the email protocol to your website. Gmail, Sendgrid, Sendmail, and other major email services are all integrated into the platform.

With the help of cron jobs, you can send emails immediately or queue them for sending in batches. If you’re serious about sending bulk emails, batching them is preferable to sending them all at once.

Advantages of Mautic

Some of the advantages of Mautic are listed below:

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  • Management of a contact list
  • Segmentation of contacts
  • Appraisal of the prospect
  • CRM integration is available
  • Personalized encounters
  • Adaptable and scalable

Management of a contact list.

Contact management may be a problem for any organisation, but it’s especially so for medium and big businesses that deal with a lot of data. It’s hard to manually handle all of this data or to go through each contact one by one and change some of their attributes. Any firm may effortlessly handle contacts with Mautic in an automated and simplified manner.

Segmentation of contacts.

Keeping with the idea of contacts, each organisation can simply build distinct audience segments based on the behaviour of contacts and their interests using the Mautic segmentation tool. This allows you to tailor campaigns to the demographics of the people who will receive them.

Appraisal of the prospect

Prospect behaviour must be tracked in order to analyse and determine the performance of marketing initiatives, and this may be done through Mautic as well.

CRM integration is available.

Mautic can automatically have all the customer, contact, and sales data it needs to combine marketing efforts by permitting connectivity with other platforms, such as CRM systems. The user will only have to enter the data into the CRM once, as it will be reflected in the Mautic interface automatically.

Personalized encounters

Mautic templates make it easier to create marketing campaign emails by providing a variety of templates that can be adjusted to your company’s needs. It helps you to create visually appealing material by using not just text but also photos and hyperlinks, resulting in completely dynamic content. You can also create your own email templates from start, as the platform is fairly versatile.

Adaptable and scalable

Mautic can be installed on your own server, making it completely adaptable and scalable to your company’s size and present and future demands. Because it is open-source software, it is always evolving and updating, ensuring that you are using a cutting-edge platform. The documentation for Mautic is fairly extensive and open to all users.

What is Mass Emailing?

A mass emailing is one that is sent to a large number of people at the same time. Mass emailing is commonly used in marketing initiatives to promote a company or product. Mass emails, unlike spam, are sent to people who have agreed to receive marketing messages from a business.

Advantages of Mass Emailing

Advantages of mass emailing are listed below:

  • In extremely cheap ways to reach a large audience
  • Get directly access to your clients
  • Email provides better insights

In extremely cheap ways to reach a large audience

One of the main benefits of mass emailing is that you can send a message to a huge number of people for free in a short amount of time (or very inexpensively). That is difficult to beat in terms of value.

Get direct access to your clients

With the introduction of smartphones, which allow consumers to check their email from anywhere, mass mailing has provided marketers a significant advantage: direct access to their customers’ pockets.

Email provides better insights

It’s tough to determine how many people viewed your promotional item whether you send out printed direct mail or place an ad in the newspaper. You may need to set up a campaign-specific phone number or ask individuals how they found you when they do contact you to determine the success of that advertisement.


You need to have a domain purchased and configured on Cloudflare.

  • Create a site on CyberPanel
  • Click on “Website” and Click “Create Website”
  • Enter relevant information and scroll down to click “Create website”
  • Click on “Website” → “List Website” from the left hand side menu
  • Click on “Manage” for your site
  • Scroll down and click on “Mautic”
  • Add A record in cloudflare for your site
  • Login to your Mautic account


  • Login to your AWS console dashboard
  • Search for SES in the search bar
install mautic aws
  • Click on “Create identity”
  • Enter required information about the identity your creating and click “Create”
  • This page will give you CNAME, MX, TXT type records. Add these records in Cloudflare
  • Now click on “Account Dashboard” from the left hand side menu
  • AWS will give you “SMTP EndPoint”. Save this, you will need to add this in your Mautic configurations.
  • Click on “Create SMTP”
  • You will get some credentials. Save this you will need to add this in you Mautic configurations

Configure AWS SES in Mautic

  • Login to your Mautic dashboard

  • Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner
  • Select “Configurations” from this menu
  • Click email setting. Now we need to enter relevant information. This include “Name to send email as”“Email address to send mail from”“Reply to address”“Service to send mail through”“SMTP host” (saved smtp endpoint), “SMTP encryption type”“Port”“Username for the selected mail services” and ” Password for the selected mail service” (username and password are the credentials you saved last in the previous section).
  • Click “save”
  • Click “Test connection”
  • Click ” Send test email”

Send Mass Emails using Mautic and AWS SES

  • Click segments from the left hand side menu and click new
  • Enter name and public name and click save
  • Click on “no contacts” to add contacts
  • From the top right corner, select triangle and select Import
  • Upload your file
  • Add your contact owner and contact segment and click “Import in browser”
  • You will see your contacts are added
  • Click channels → emails → new from the left hand side menu
  • Add new segment emails

  • Edit your template and add subject and email name and your contact segment and save and close. Your email is created
  • Now to send the email simply click on the option on the left side of your email and select send. your email will start to send in bulks of 100 and onwards.


Your business or product will benefit from a steady email marketing regimen when you install Mautic AWS. For as much money as you want, you can send a single message to a large number of contact emails. However, not all of them are individually tailored (even though they should be).

By using AWS and Mautic you can custom make and send emails in bulk as shown in this article.

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