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How to Add a Subdomain in Cloudflare for Enhanced Website Management – Guide 2023

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In this tutorial we will learn how to add a subdomain in Cloudflare. Modern web management tactics are made possible by the dynamic synergy between subdomains and Cloudflare Integration. Website owners may obtain improved performance, security, and user experience by seamlessly integrating the organizational adaptability of subdomains with the powerful capabilities of Cloudflare’s platform.

The creation and management of subdomains are made simple by Cloudflare’s user-friendly interface, enabling users to effectively segregate their web content and services. Each subdomain is optimized by Cloudflare through the use of advanced DNS record optimization, SSL certificate provisioning, load balancing, and content delivery, leading to quicker loading times and greater accessibility.

Can I Add Subdomains In Cloudflare?

Cloudflare empowers you with the capability to seamlessly add subdomains, enhancing your website’s structure and functionality. It’s simple to add subdomains using Cloudflare’s user-friendly interface. You may quickly add new subdomains by login into your Cloudflare account and visiting the DNS settings. You may specify the function and content of any subdomain using this feature-rich platform, whether it’s for a blog, a store, a forum, or any other specialized service.

By applying Cloudflare’s array of performance and security capabilities to each subdomain separately, you can ensure optimized delivery and protection in addition to facilitating effective content organization.

Cloudflare Subdomain Redirect

With the help of the Subdomain Redirect function from Cloudflare, website owners can easily transfer users from one subdomain to another or from a subdomain to a certain URL. Using this functionality, controlling web traffic flow is simple. You may quickly find the “Page Rules” area after logging into your Cloudflare account and building a new rule that is specific to your reroute requirements.

In the “If the URL matches” area, enter the source subdomain, and then provide the destination URL to which you wish the redirect to go. This flexible tool is very helpful for pointing visitors to various parts of your website or to outside information. Subdomain Redirect from Cloudflare makes it easier to rebrand, consolidate content, or optimize user journeys, all of which help to create a unified and user-friendly online experience.

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Cloudflare Add Child domain

A quick and easy approach to increasing your internet exposure is to add a child domain to an already-existing website with Cloudflare. After signing in to your Cloudflare account, you can easily access the “DNS” settings for the domain you’ve selected. You can generate the necessary DNS records for your child’s domain via the DNS management interface.

Typically, this entails creating an A record that directs traffic to the IP address of your hosting server or another location. Following the configuration and propagation of these DNS entries, the worldwide network of Cloudflare optimizes traffic flow to your new child domain. This expansion can be used for a variety of things, such as hosting a new application, a separate website part, or unique services under a sub-brand.

How To Create a Subdomain In Cloudflare?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a subdomain in Cloudflare.

First login to your CloudFlare account from here https://www.cloudflare.com/

How to create a subdomain in Cloudflare?

Click on add a site button.

Add a site

Enter your Domain Name and click continue. It could be any domain name like example.com.

Domain name

Now scroll down and select the free plan or any other plan you desire and click continue.

Select free plan and continue

Now Click on DNS from the left menu.

Select DNS

Enter your domain name, and your IP address. Turn on/off proxy status, and click save.

Enter type, name, IP address, turn on/off proxy status, and click save

Your DNS record will get saved.

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How To Create a Subdomain In CyberPanel?

You can also create a subdomain on CyberPanel.

First login to your CyberPanel account.


From the left side menu inside the website go to Create New Domain.

Select create new domain

Enter the details by selecting a website, domain name, PHP, and Additional Features that you desire to add, and click Create Domain.

Enter details

Your domain will successfully get installed.

How to Add a Subdomain in Cloudflare for Enhanced Website Management - Guide 2023

Now from the left side menu go to the List Domains inside Website. Here you will be able to see your Subdomain.

List Doamins
How to create a subdomain in CyberPanel?


What Benefits Does Cloudflare Subdomain Integration Offer?

Cloudflare’s integration with subdomains brings forth enhanced website performance, security, and user experience. Through advanced DNS record optimization, SSL certificate provisioning, load balancing, and content delivery, each subdomain is optimized for quicker loading times and improved accessibility.

How Does Cloudflare Subdomain Redirect Work?

Cloudflare’s Subdomain Redirect feature allows website owners to guide users from one subdomain to another or redirect them to a specific URL. By setting up rules in the “Page Rules” section of your Cloudflare account, you can seamlessly manage web traffic flow and enhance user journeys.

What’s Involved in Adding a Child Domain with Cloudflare?

Adding a child domain to your website using Cloudflare is a straightforward process. After logging into your Cloudflare account, navigate to the DNS settings for the chosen domain. Create the necessary DNS records for the child domain, typically involving an A record pointing to the hosting server’s IP address. Once configured, Cloudflare’s global network optimizes traffic routing to the child domain, expanding your website’s capabilities and reach.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, by seamlessly integrating the adaptability of subdomains with Cloudflare’s capabilities, website owners enhance performance, security, and user experience. Cloudflare’s user-friendly interface simplifies subdomain creation and management while optimizing them for speed and accessibility. Subdomain redirection and child domain integration further elevate control and expansion.

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