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Badcredit.co.uk – a comparison hero built on WordPress

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Badcredit.co.uk is an incredibly popular site that’s designed to empower people and help them get access to credit even when their credit ratings aren’t quite as high as they would like them to be. It’s said that around 1.8 million people in the UK are looking for products, advice and information linked to bad credit, and the website has proved to be an incredibly valuable resource for those seeking financial assistance whilst dealing with low credit scores.

The team at Badcredit.co.uk believe that everybody deserves to have access to credit so they can get funding in emergencies no matter how poor their scores are. The site was built with WordPress, which is a highly useful tool not only for those seeking to create and maintain websites but also those who prefer to use highly-functional sites that are easy to navigate across a host of devices. The site has been covered by a wide range of big-name websites and publications including Digital Journal, Business Insider, The Sun, MSN and Yahoo! Finance. This has enabled it to reach a fast-growing audience of people looking for advice on improving their creditworthiness and loans for bad credit.

How does Badcredit.co.uk work?

Badcredit.co.uk is a loan and credit comparison site that offers a host of useful, factually-accurate and helpful articles and guides on the topic of credit. Fresh content is being added to the site all the time to ensure the information on the site remains relevant as the world of credit continues to evolve.

Aside from offering incredibly useful information on the topic of credit, the site also allows consumers to compare more than 50 bad credit lenders and product providers in a single search so they can find out who is willing to lend to them. There are many great reasons for using the comparison tool on the site. The tool can save consumers a great deal of time and effort. It can match consumers with suitable lenders from its panel within just a moment or two.

Soft searching technology

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The credit matching tools on the site can enable consumers to save money and protect their credit score from further harm. The soft search technology the service users allows consumers to look for loan offers without having their credit score harmed by a hard credit search. Hard searches are only carried out when formal applications to lenders are made.

Is BadCredit.co.uk a lender?

BadCredit is a broker rather than a lender and does not make credit decisions. However, it does have close relationships with a large number of lenders who are happy to help people with low credit scores. Customers aren’t charged a fee to use the broker services, instead receiving commission from lenders and other brokers when customers enter into consumer credit agreements with its associates. It’s completely free to use the website.

The team at BadCredit.co.uk believe in financial inclusion and are passionate about helping individuals to find suitable loans, credit cards and car financing options whilst providing in-depth advice on the steps that they can take to improve their credit ratings.

Recent articles published on the site have covered topics like the effects of late payments on credit scores, the average credit rating in the UK, revolving credit, bankruptcy and Buy Now Pay Later services. In the ongoing cost of living crisis, the information offered by BadCredit.co.uk has proved to be incredibly helpful for those aiming to stay financially afloat during uncertain times.

BadCredit.co.uk and WordPress

As previously mentioned, BadCredit.co.uk has been built and maintained with WordPress, which is one of the world’s most powerful and user-friendly platforms. The platform has remained popular amongst individuals, consumers and businesses for a host of reasons. It has a user-friendly interface, which means it can be used by a wide range of people with varying levels of technical experience. It’s used by beginners, people with intermediate knowledge and experts every day and allows users to create, edit and manage content without needing extensive coding knowledge.

Themes and customisation

WordPress has also become one of the world’s leading platforms of its type due to the huge library of themes and customisation options that it offers. There’s a host of themes to choose from, and this means that its users can easily tailor the appearance and feel of their sites to ensure they’re a great match for their brands and content. The site’s flexibility makes it easy for people to customise their sites, make them seamless and create something truly unique. WordPress also has a huge catalogue of plug-ins that can help people boost the functionality of their sites. These support things like social media integration, contact forms and SEO optimisation and again mean vast coding expertise isn’t needed to get the look and efficiency you’re aiming for.


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WordPress is designed with search engine optimisation in mind. It has a great track record when it comes to helping sites rank well in search engine results. It’s been fine-tuned to help users to optimise their content with ease to boost online visibility and reach a wider audience.


WordPress sites are also very mobile-responsive. More and more people are spending most o of their online time on their smartphones, which is one reason why this efficiency is very important. Websites that are created with WordPress automatically adapt to different screen sizes so users can enjoy a seamless, highly enjoyable experience no matter which kind of device they’re using.

Community support and resources

Another reason why so many people use WordPress is that it has a vibrant and helpful worldwide community of developers, users and fans. Many of these will be more than happy to assist you if you’re ever thinking of building your own WordPress site.

The popularity of WordPress is strongly linked to factors like its user-friendly interface, customisation options, SEO capabilities, mobile responsiveness, community support and cost-effectiveness. The exceptional useability of BadCredit.co.uk is closely linked to the way it’s been both built and maintained with the platform. The site is showing no signs of declining in popularity due to the essential advice and support that it continues to provide to those attempting to overcome problems with bad credit.

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