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Cyberpanel in the News

We're excited to share that CyberPanel has been making headlines! Our commitment to providing top-notch web hosting services has caught the attention of several news outlets. Here are some of the places where they've featured us:

In their article about innovative web hosting solutions, TechCrunch highlighted our user-friendly interface and advanced features

We're proud of these accomplishments and we're motivated to continue delivering exceptional service to our customers. Stay tuned for more exciting news about CyberPanel!

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Our Strengths

CyberPanel is the hosting control panel for OpenLiteSpeed and LiteSpeed Enterprise.

Amazing Team Behind Us!

Usman Nasir

t was 2017 and the internet was booming, as usual, with billions of sites and trillions of pages being viewed every day. I had a tech blog, but I wanted to improve it, so I started researching hosting companies and technology such as NGINX, Apache, and LiteSpeed.

After researching the major providers, I decided that LiteSpeed made the most sense. After migrating my blog to a hosting provider using LiteSpeed, I realized they weren’t using the latest version, were limiting my resources, and their support wasn’t great. As a result, I decided to create a control panel for it.

Back in 2017, no control panel supported OpenLiteSpeed, so I had to set it up myself. Originally, it was only a web server and a database. I shared it on LowEndTalk under the name CyberPanel (a name suggested by my friend). As it became the easiest way to create a super-fast WordPress site, LowEntTalk members have shown a lot of interest.

Eventually, we added more features such as Email, DNS, and FTP support and here we are today with a small team trying to make a difference.

Mutahir Aon Syed
Shoaib Khan Khattak
Umar Mughal
Zaheen Fatima
Ayesha Javed
Shumail Shabeeh
Areeba Nouman
Zarak Khan

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