Get to Know Your Website Server Location: A Complete Guide

In today’s digital world, being able to locate the Website Server Location is a crucial skill for website investigation. Whether you need to uncover the origin of malicious activity or simply want to gain insights into your competitors’ hosting choices, mastering the art of finding the server location can provide invaluable information. In this comprehensive […]

CyberPanel v2.3.5 and Security Release Announcement

Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out to inform you about the recent release of CyberPanel version v2.3.5, which includes major bug fixes and important security enhancements. New Features Bug Fixes Security Problems Before delving into the details, it’s essential to emphasize that CyberPanel is an open-source platform, subject […]

How to Secure Server in 12 Steps: Comprehensive Guide to Server Security

In today’s digital landscape, a secure server is critical to maintaining a safe and reliable online presence. Whether hosting a website, managing databases, or handling sensitive information, a secure server is the foundation of a trustworthy online environment. This comprehensive guide will walk you through essential practices, tools, and considerations to ensure that you have […]

Dedicated Server Vs Shared Hosting. Which Is Better?

When deciding between a dedicated server vs shared hosting, you’re faced with a multitude of web hosting service options, leaving you uncertain about where to begin. These two options, dedicated server vs shared hosting, represent the opposite ends of the web hosting spectrum. It’s not just about the apparent cost disparity; it’s also about securing […]

How To Easily Transfer Files Over SSH Using SCP

When you need to securely move files between two Linux computers, like for backups or putting files on a production server, you can use a method called “transfer files over SSH.” It’s a way to do this safely. Sometimes, you have to send or get a file on a faraway server, and using an SSH […]

How To: Removing Page Title in WordPress

Why Hide the Page Titles? Not every page on your site necessarily needs a title. While a title is expected on blog posts, it doesn’t always look great on other pages. What’s good design for a blog isn’t always acceptable for the rest of the website. In this article we will be removing page title […]

WordPress vs. Other CMS Platforms for Marketing and Cybersecurity

The world’s digital landscape is swarming with various websites. Businesses and organizations compete to succeed. Yet, every content manager struggles with maintaining the websites. The process demands extensive technical expertise. This is where Content Management Systems (CMS) come in handy. They streamline the process and make editing much more manageable. Settling on a suitable CMS […]

How to Ensure Productivity and Well-Being For Remote Employees 

Corporations have been practicing different methods to increase the productivity and well-being of employees for years. However, most of the techniques are only proper for on-premises work environments. Since more and more companies switched their work systems to hybrid or remote work, they have started to look for new methods. Classic techniques are not adequate […]

How to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress?

Creating a real estate website with WordPress isn’t just a matter of throwing some pictures together, it requires applying the latest know-how in this segment. Some features are quite easy to implement with free and paid plugins, which are abundant in WordPress. But you can’t do without them alone; for the implementation of key technologies, […]

Serve Static Assets With An Efficient Cache Policy (3 Methods)

When you serve static assets with an efficient cache policy, the user’s browser will store these files locally and less time will be needed to load the page. Normally as soon as a page is loaded, all the resources of that page, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images, must be downloaded. Browser caching allows […]

How To Fix Broken Permalinks in WordPress? (3 Easy Methods)

One of the most prevalent concerns on a WordPress site is a faulty permalink, sometimes known as a “404 error.” This can be caused by a variety of difficulties, all of which can be resolved with a few simple steps. In this article we will learn how to fix broken permalinks in WordPress For individuals […]

How To Configure A Mailgun SMTP Relay in Postfix?

Mailgun is a robust transactional email relay service and API that lets you send, receive, and track emails via their secure relay servers. Mailgun can integrate with services like postfix (in this tutorial we will learn to configure Mailgun SMTP relay in Postfix), send email using a Mailgun-provided SMTP relay, and integrate with your existing […]